Adapting to the Market



The word from my agency is that in order to meet our sales goals for 2016 we have only nine months instead of 12. That is because historically in presidential election years real estate markets have slowed between September and November.

I’ve been reading about this online and it seems to me that there is some differences in opinion about this phenomenon. You, the reader, can google this yourself. What I am finding is that people buy and sell according to their own needs and what the economy offers. Yes, the economy can shift based on assumptions of what a new President might bring to the mix. Still, in my opinion, it’s the consumer who has the power to direct that economy.

Such a pronouncement about the market makes me aware of “fear”. Fear that if I don’t succeed in my listings and sales within nine months I will fail. It sets me up to feel a LOT of pressure. So I prefer to work one day at a time, constructing goals and meeting them as they arrive. I have lived the rat race/tread wheel life in the past, and I don’t find that it is good for my health.

I want to trust that as I approach my goals and follow through with the steps required, at my own pace,I will have the desired results. I know that when I feel pressured, that pressure often is not coming from myself, but from the outside. Outside influences – from sales meetings, media, concerns about competition and measuring up – disturb my focus for what I want for my business.

I am seeing that “everyone says I must do these things to have a successful business”. Maybe. Some things have been proven to work, techniques, strategies, etc. Sometimes those techniques need to be tweaked or eliminated. And strategies need to change. Because the market is like water. It flows, it freezes, it dries up. Constant change. Change must be anticipated so that one is not caught in the trap of going along with others’ ideas.

That is why I plan to conduct my business in a way that moves with changes, not by memes about what the changes will be. I will adapt to what is happening today and I hope that I can offer confidence to buyers and sellers who may be hesitant to enter the market because of what “they” say.




Get Involved in the Community

SSwanne at TresPueblosLast weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to be involved in my neighborhood spring festival. I’ve lived in the  ‘hood for four years, and have been associated with the home owners association from time to time. I was so pleased to be able to provide a booth for my relatively new real estate business with Long Realty Company.

Attendance at the festival was good, although many more of my neighbors did not attend. I had the opportunity to meet several folks who were interested in real estate in general and in buying homes in the neighborhood. This was a great way to make my presence known in the neighborhood.

IMG_20160430_110329The planners of the festival did a good job bringing various food trucks, jumping castles for the children, pinatas, and various business vendors to our park. It was a beautiful day. The kids were precious!

IMG_20160430_120640croppedThe home owners association has its own facebook page for outreach to the community, to inform about coming events, members’ news, and concerns about the neighborhood. For the next two months, the association will have its meetings in our park, hopefully to encourage more attendance and involvement.

I look forward to being a presence in this community and offering my services.



Now is the Time! Talk to Me!

Whether you want to sell your home or buy a home, NOW is a good time to do it in Tucson!


For beginning home buyers the mortgage rates remain low, and although the inventory is down, there are homes out there for you.

For sellers the time is right as well. There are buyers seeking their homes.

So don’t wait. If you are on the edge about either buying or selling, decide today. Prices and rates will be going higher.


If you are renting it’s possible that your rent, too, will be going up. The trend is that rents are going up faster than wages can keep up. If you can qualify to purchase a home, you might want to explore the possibility of putting your money into a more permanent situation.

Here is an article by Trulia about the pros and cons of buying now. Be Smart. Be educated about the home-buying process. Talk to a Realtor! Talk to me!


News for May

Happy May Day! May 1 has been venerated throughout the centuries as a specific time for celebration of new growth. I remember that as an elementary student I participated in a May Pole dance, with streamers around the pole. This custom is not very prevalent now in the United States, but is still a part of other global cultures.

Below, please find the May edition of my monthly newsletter. If you would like to receive the newsletter via email, please send me your contact information through my website.

The Loop Blooms

Have you ever been on “The Loop”, Tucson’s multiple urban pathway (MUP)? I spotted these blooms while on a ride on the Julian Wash segment of the 131-mile riding and walking path around Tucson. As a recumbent tricycle rider it is a wonderful way for me to easily and safely enjoy the many aspects of the city.

There are many homes adjacent to The Loop which is easily accessible for enjoying the outdoors and city views, as well as watching the birds and wildlife. While on a ride on the Santa Cruz River I once witnessed a bobcat catching its morning meal. So if you like the kind of lifestyle Tucson affords cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts, you might want to investigate the possibilities.


Here is a great tool for your search! (

Because I love words, this month begins a regular installment of The Monthly Word. This month’s word is REALTOR®. It is pronounced “reel –ter”, not “reel-uh-ter”. The definition of a REALTOR® is a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and who subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics. You might notice the symbol after the word realtor. You can read about the history of the REALTOR® trademark here.

In this month’s real estate news;

  • Beware of scams that take advantage of buyers’ and sellers’ ignorance about the real estate business. Realtors can be scammed too, even when they are knowledgeable about real estate transactions. For example, phishing emails contain phony documents that look like the real thing, requesting the person to sign, and therefore divulge personal information, or worse, wire money to the thief rather than the escrow company. So beware!
  • Real Estate trends for 2016 include continuing rise in home prices and sales, and higher rents and mortgage rates.
  • Do you know how much house you need for your lifestyle? Find out by taking this quiz.

Local Events this month;

  • Everyone loves to eat, and here are some places where you can celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Tucson.
  • National Public Gardens Day is held on the Friday before Mother’s Day to promote awareness of how gardens and green spaces support life. In Tucson visit Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Reid Park Rose Garden, Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens, and Yume Japanese Gardens.

If you have an event you’d like listed here, let me know.

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