June 2016 Newsletter

Red rose cropped

Now begins the summer season, when thoughts turn to vacations and staying cool. When I moved into my home four years ago there was not one plant in my backyard. A few dead weeds, but nothing else to moderate the temperature of the gravel yard. I began immediately to plant things. I bought two desert willows from Tucson Clean and Beautiful and took various clippings from a friend’s garden. Today I have shade in my yard, and a cooler place to enjoy. So if you have some bare hot spots in your yard, think about planting some indigenous trees. Make a cool spot to watch the hummingbirds and lizards!

The Monthly Word: The word/term for the month is Due Diligence. This is a term that relates to doing research on information received about a property you are interested in buying, before you buy. You, as a home buyer need to pursue inspections of the property that could reveal defects, regardless of what you are told about the property. Yes, sellers are required to disclose all material facts about the property they are selling; however, they sometimes don’t, and as a buyer you could end up with something less than what you thought you were buying.

As an example, I have a friend who bought an investment property in another state that he was assured was completely move-in ready and managed by a competent property management company. What he later learned was that necessary repairs to heating and cooling systems had not been done. In the middle of winter a new tenant had no heat. In addition, the management company was uncooperative in seeking repairs versus installing new equipment. My friend did not do due diligence, and believed/trusted that the information he was given was true. He lost a lot of money as a result.

As a Realtor I also need to do due diligence when listing a property, to make sure that the information that is presented on the MLS is complete and true.

Tucson Housing Report:

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In This Month’s Real Estate News:

Down Payment Assistance to home buyers with an annual income under $89,088 – Now home buyers in Arizona with lower income, and a credit score of at least 640 can participate in the Pathway to Purchase Down Payment Assistance program. Get up to 10%/$20,000 on a 30-year fixed rate loan for either down payment or closing costs.

The Caterpillar company is moving 600 jobs to Tucson over the next five years. Housing will be a priority, and this summer will see many employees searching for new homes. If you have been considering selling your home this might be a great time to make the decision to list your home. I would be pleased to assist you. Give me a call today!

Do It Yourself Fire-pits and Ponds – Check out this website for ideas to make your yard more hospitable for family and friend gatherings.


Ceilings – the Space Above

“Look at ceilings. Pay attention to them. How high are they? Why are some ceilings almost within your reach, and others are higher? Some are much higher. Have you ever noticed that you usually don’t see ceilings unless you look up? Have you ever been in a big room that had a ceiling that was always in your view? Felt strange didn’t it? What does it feel like to be in one of those hotel lobbies with a ceiling that’s 10 stories above your head? Is it comfortable? Uncomfortable? How do you feel sitting in a booth in a restaurant that has a ceiling that’s low over the booths around the edge of the room? Is that cozy, or oppressive?

Schools teach a tiny bit about art appreciation, but teach even less about architecture. And what they do teach about it, they never teach spatial awareness, which is one of the key influences in building design. At least for ceiling heights, people, including designers, seem to have a natural sense about ceiling heights. But other spatial effects are less understood, and design tends to be less informed in the other two dimensions.” ~ with permission, R. Jardee (from a Facebook post)

As we move through our environment it’s helpful to look up to see what is over our heads, lest we miss something interesting or important. Spaces created by the intersections of walls and ceilings help us know where we stand. Here are some ceilings I’ve experienced over the years.

San Antonio P.O.

Miramonte Wrightstown sm

Ceiling - Ripley's

Dove Mountain New Construction

And for fun, consider this perspective on ceilings…