Make Yourself at Home in Tucson – January 2018

It seems that when New Year comes around we start thinking about changes and starting something new. The important thing to me is to decide, and begin, and don’t look back. What is it you are starting this year?


  • Are you thinking about a new home this year? Have your family circumstances changed? Do you need more space or want to downsize? Are you planning a long-distance move? I have the tools to help you make it a reality. START NOW and MESSAGE ME!  (520-248-6297)
  • Are you wondering how the real estate market in Tucson is doing? Take a look at January’s Housing Report on my website. It will show you statistics for the Metro area in comparison to the previous month.While you’re there find out what your house might be worth if you sell it. Then call me!
  • The new tax law may affect your decisions about whether to buy or sell a home. Ask me about it.
  • Did you know that El Guero Canelo, with three restaurants in Tucson, won the prestigious James Baird award for their Sonoran hotdogs? They were one out of only five national awards this year from the James Baird Foundation “America’s Classics”. Find one near you.


  • I recently went camping at Picacho Peak State Park and enjoyed views like this each day. If you like to camp this is a great place to visit that’s not too far from home.

Picacho Peak

  • One year ago I joined the Eyeopeners Toastmasters Club of  Toastmasters International. The club meets at 6:15 every Wednesday morning until 7:30. This club has been going for 60 years, and on January 20 it celebrated with a brunch meeting at the Tucson YWCA. Do you have fear of public speaking, or even speaking with a small group? This is the place to learn new skills in communicating. There are many other clubs in Tucson. Visit the Toastmasters International website for more information.

60th Eyeopeners cropped

Welcome to the New Year!

Author: SwanneSong

I began blogging in 2008 as a kind of journal of my travels as a full-time solo RVer. Over the years it has evolved into more of a record of both my inner and outer travels and personal reflections about my experiences. With a new focus I have created SwanneSong to give my voice to things I consider important, and to provide a perspective for others to consider. I have added a new career to my adventure, as a Realtor in the Tucson Metro Area.

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