New Directions

Life has a way of moving us into new directions and this past year it has done just that for me! Last winter my spouse announced that he wanted to move from Arizona and return to Florida where he had lived previously. That surprised me and caused me to deal with my feelings about working in Real Estate. I hated giving up all I’d worked for to assist Seniors in making new life decisions for their future years.


I did notice, however, that my energy was not keeping up with my vision. I felt tired and sluggish, and at the end of the day, I would just collapse in front of the television. I noticed that my health complaints were getting louder as well. As a Senior myself, I became aware that I needed to follow my own advice.

My spouse and I each had our own home and did not live together until I began moving my things to his house after the first of the year. This past spring I put my house on the market and initiated the move of my belongings to a new location. UGH! As I moved into my spouse’s home, we also began sorting through the things in that house, and in early summer made a trip to Florida to explore the potential for a new life there.

As I write this I sit at my new desk in my new Florida home, with the desire to catch up with my friends and contacts I left behind. I continue to hold a real estate license in Arizona and will be assisting folks in finding and selecting just the right Realtor for the sale or purchase of a new home, across the street or across the country. It’s a way I can keep my finger on the pulse of Real Estate and help others find their way as they take a new direction.

If you are contemplating a change of direction in where you want to live, get in touch with me. I can help you find a Realtor who has your best interests in mind. Call or Text 520-248-6297.

Author: SwanneSong

I began blogging in 2008 as a kind of journal of my travels as a full-time solo RVer. Over the years it has evolved into more of a record of both my inner and outer travels and personal reflections about my experiences. With a new focus I have created SwanneSong to give my voice to things I consider important, and to provide a perspective for others to consider. In 2015 I added a new career to my adventure as a Realtor in the Tucson Metro Area. Life in 2019 has sent me in a different direction, although still related to Real Estate. I have associated myself with RHL Referrals, a referral-only brokerage in Arizona; I am ready to refer YOU to Realtors in any area you are considering moving to, whether across the street, or across the county. Whether buying a new home or selling your current one, having the right Realtor to assist you is imperative. Contact me via call or text at 520-248-6297 to let me connect you!

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