On Taking My Own Advice

All the things I learned about real estate services to Seniors, I am now finding I need to apply to myself. That includes slowing down, doing one thing at a time, taking naps, and eating well.

After moving to Florida my life as a Senior caught up with me to the point that I was feeling exhausted. Well, I am now facing all those things I learned about for helping Seniors as a Realtor. In December I had my first appointment with my new Primary Care Physician – as a new resident in Florida I had to change my Medicare insurance to a Florida plan and get all new doctors. That first appointment was on December 11, at which time I was informed that I have Atrial Fibrillation and would need to begin taking a blood thinner so I didn’t have a stroke from any clots that could develop as a result of the AFib. The doctor wanted to see me two days later.

On December 13 I learned that my AFib had gotten worse and the doctor told me to get to the ER stat.  That afternoon I was admitted to the hospital where I received IVs with medications to help settle down my racing heart. I was treated for three days, and also had a cardioversion to help get my heart rate on a regular, steady pace, without arrhythmia. Unfortunately, while the procedure initially helped, the arrhythmia returned. Another cardiac appointment was scheduled later in the month to see about further treatment. And so it goes!

I was sent home with new oral meds and a doctor’s order for home health nursing and physical therapy. I was surprised at that! Inside of me I am not that woman who has been around the Sun 75 times! I’m still that young girl looking forward to life and new adventures. Well, acceptance is a visitor with its own timing.

Being in a new community where I haven’t made many contacts so far, it’s helpful to know that home health is available. And I have to say the doctors and their staffs have been very kind. I completed the term recommended for home health care, receiving advice and guidance for creating a calmer, less anxious being, along with exercises to strengthen both my heart and my spine. I even found that I needed a walker and a shower chair – aargh!!!

You see, I began the “doctor” thing with seeing an orthopedist about my back – I have severe spinal stenosis. The orthopedist referred me for a spinal injection for the pain, but before I could get there I had the heart thing. The spinal injection is counter-indicated when taking blood thinner because of possible hemorrhaging. So the spine thing has gone away until further notice.

I also had set up an appointment with a pulmonologist – I’ve had asthma all my life, and I felt my meds weren’t doing the trick for controlling it. On our first visit, only a few days before the heart thing, I went for a pulmonary function test and blood draw for allergies, and was given a follow-up appointment. I have asthma and had been experiencing shortness of breath. Well, turns out, the shortness of breath is also part of the AFib, too. And, well, I don’t have great lung capacity, either.

Finally, at the follow-up with the pulmonologist, he recommended a sleep study for sleep apnea and injections for allergic asthma (per the results of the allergy blood test.)

I have to say that all of this is not conducive to lessening stress, although I think that that needs to happen. I’m sure the stress of the move brought forward the medical issues in a way that I had to address quickly.  Also those issues of downsizing, financial planning, the right Medicare plan, finding new ways to get things done – part of the process of moving Seniors along their path of quality of life while facing what I call “The Inevitable” – were right in my face. That also includes considering my legacy to the world. What is important to me to pass on; what wisdom do I have that someone coming behind me might need or want? I’m in that position now to offer it or let it die.

NOTE: If you ARE considering a move and you need a realtor, please contact me for a referral to my excellent resources, wherever you plan to go.  520-248-6297.

Author: SwanneSong

I began blogging in 2008 as a kind of journal of my travels as a full-time solo RVer. Over the years it has evolved into more of a record of both my inner and outer travels and personal reflections about my experiences. With a new focus I have created SwanneSong to give my voice to things I consider important, and to provide a perspective for others to consider. In 2015 I added a new career to my adventure as a Realtor in the Tucson Metro Area. Life in 2019 has sent me in a different direction, although still related to Real Estate. I have associated myself with RHL Referrals, a referral-only brokerage in Arizona; I am ready to refer YOU to Realtors in any area you are considering moving to, whether across the street, or across the county. Whether buying a new home or selling your current one, having the right Realtor to assist you is imperative. Contact me via call or text at 520-248-6297 to let me connect you!

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