Make Yourself at Home in Tucson – April/May 2018


May is Older Americans Month. Perhaps you have an older adult friend, neighbor or family member who would enjoy a special activity with you during the month. Please visit the OAM website for ideas.

You may have received a separate notice about my forthcoming designation as a Certified Senior Housing Professional. I want to take this opportunity to highlight the need for real estate professionals who are specifically trained to conduct Senior real estate transactions

Statistics indicate that aging seniors are projected to move out of 11.3 million housing units between 2010 and 2020. In the next decade, that number is projected to jump to 15 million.

Chances are, you, your parents or someone whom you care about a great deal will be among these millions, and I trust that you will want to seek out the best educated, most caring, and most connected real estate and senior housing professional in your market to help navigate the entire transition process.

I am very proud that I have recently completed the classroom requirements to achieve the prestigious Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP) designation awarded by the Seniors Real Estate Institute.  CSHPs are held to very high standards of professionalism, service and expertise.

As you probably know, the process of selling a cherished family home and deciding where to live late in life can often span a few years. Wherever you or others you care about may be in that process, it would be my privilege to start the conversation. Please contact me anytime at 520-248-6297.


Real Estate Trends in Tucson:

Click here to see the latest MLS statistics. The median price increased to $207,000. Active listings are down 3.3% from last year as inventory continues to remain tight. New listings are down 14%. If you are thinking about selling, this spring promises to be a good time to do so. If you or someone you know would like more specific information, please contact me at 520-248-6297.

In this month’s real estate news:

Local Events this month:

Mother’s Day is May 13. Do you remember the traditional expression for flowers on Mother’s Day? If your mother is still living, give her or wear a red carnation. If she has passed away, wear a white carnation, or place white carnations on her grave site. A red carnation is the official flower for Mother’s Day.


Make Yourself at Home in Tucson – March 2018

As I write this, it is St. Patrick’s Day. For you and your family, whether or not you have any Irish ancestors, I offer a blessing for your home.

May you be blessed with Warmth in your home, Love in your heart, Peace in your soul, and Joy in your life.”

Today is also the celebration of the completion of the 131-mile path, The Loop, where the entire community of Tucson is invited to walk, ride a bike, run, or otherwise enjoy the sights of Tucson. If you haven’t been on any portion of The Loop yet, check out the website for more information.

This is one of the times of the year when people’s thoughts turn to making changes, often in buying or selling a house. If you have been thinking of making a move, or if you know someone who is, I welcome and appreciate your referrals. CONTACT ME – 520-248-6297.

Real Estate Trends  – National and Tucson

  • Forbes predicts that in 2018, housing inventory will still be tight; mortgage rates will hover around 4%; the new tax law will affect higher priced homes, and possibly rental costs; inventory will continue to be low; sales will slow, but only a little; and the increase in prices will slow, but not stop.
  • In the Tucson main market, February 2018 active inventory was 3,704, a 4% decrease from February 2017. There were 1,187 closings in February 2018, a 7% decrease from February 2017. Year-to-date 2018 there were 2,247 closings, an 8% decrease from year-to-date 2017. Months of Inventory was 3.1, up from 3.0 in February 2017. Median price of sold homes was $205,000 for the month of February 2018, up 9% from February 2017. The Tucson Main Market area had 1,707 new properties under contract in February 2018, up 16% from February 2017.

You can find housing information for your specific area of Tucson, on my website. And did you know you can also sign up for my “In Touch with Real Estate” e-newsletter?

Coming up

  • Spring Equinox – March 20, 2018 – It’s the time when day and night are the same length. From now until the Summer Solstice we will have longer days.
  • Tres Pueblos Neighborhood Spring Festival – March 24, 2018, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Come on out and stop by my table. Plenty of family fun and food!

  • Easter – April 1, 2018 – Check your local paper or online for special events.

  • Tax Day, April 15, 2018 – If you can, don’t wait until the last minute to file!

The Month of April is Prevent Child Abuse month.

See what Prevent Child Abuse Arizona is doing to protect children. Call the Arizona state hotline to report child abuse – Hotline at 1-888-SOS-CHILD (1-888-767-2445)

Happy Spring!

Note: Banner photo taken in spring, 2011 at Tumacacori Historic Landmark

Make Yourself at Home in Tucson – February 2018


To some, the month of February denotes Love and maybe some time off for President’s Day. As I write this, today is the opening game of the University of Arizona baseball season. And I’ll be there!

  • Several months ago I removed the carpet in my living room to create a painted concrete floor. It’s almost done! Are you making any changes to your home? Are you thinking about moving out of your home or remodeling? If it’s a move you’re contemplating, give me a call or text me. I’d love to help you find the next place you’ll love!
  • Did you know that there is a shortage of homes for the buyers who are looking? Your home is in demand, and right now it is a Seller’s Market. If you have been thinking about selling, this is a good time! Take a look at February’s Housing Report on my website. It will show you statistics for the Metro area in comparison to the previous month.
  • New Home Construction is on the rise in the Tucson Metro Area. If you are considering a brand new home, take a look at this information about what is being built. CONTACT ME first if you are interested in any of these new homes!


  • Chinese New Year began on February 16 and traditional celebrations can last for a couple of weeks. 2018 is the Year of the Dog. If you would like to know more about Chinese New Year, read this article from the UK Sun. Tucson is a great place to live, having such diversity.

Chinese New Year

  • How about a Joke?  ~ Ms. Potato Head had three daughters. One day Daughter #1 came to her mother and announced she was getting married. Mother asked who she was marrying, and Daughter #1 answered Irish Red. Then Daughter #2 announced she was getting married – to Idaho Gold. Lastly, Daughter #3 announced that she, too, was getting married. Mother asked who she was marrying, and she said, “Dan Rather”….he’s a common tater.
  • With the recent rain and mild temperatures for our winter months, Spring will soon be here. I will be working in my yard and looking forward to some beautiful blooms in the garden. Remember, landscaping can make a big difference when you are either buying or selling a home. Curb appeal is important.



Play Ball!!!

Make Yourself at Home in Tucson – January 2018

It seems that when New Year comes around we start thinking about changes and starting something new. The important thing to me is to decide, and begin, and don’t look back. What is it you are starting this year?


  • Are you thinking about a new home this year? Have your family circumstances changed? Do you need more space or want to downsize? Are you planning a long-distance move? I have the tools to help you make it a reality. START NOW and MESSAGE ME!  (520-248-6297)
  • Are you wondering how the real estate market in Tucson is doing? Take a look at January’s Housing Report on my website. It will show you statistics for the Metro area in comparison to the previous month.While you’re there find out what your house might be worth if you sell it. Then call me!
  • The new tax law may affect your decisions about whether to buy or sell a home. Ask me about it.
  • Did you know that El Guero Canelo, with three restaurants in Tucson, won the prestigious James Baird award for their Sonoran hotdogs? They were one out of only five national awards this year from the James Baird Foundation “America’s Classics”. Find one near you.


  • I recently went camping at Picacho Peak State Park and enjoyed views like this each day. If you like to camp this is a great place to visit that’s not too far from home.

Picacho Peak

  • One year ago I joined the Eyeopeners Toastmasters Club of  Toastmasters International. The club meets at 6:15 every Wednesday morning until 7:30. This club has been going for 60 years, and on January 20 it celebrated with a brunch meeting at the Tucson YWCA. Do you have fear of public speaking, or even speaking with a small group? This is the place to learn new skills in communicating. There are many other clubs in Tucson. Visit the Toastmasters International website for more information.

60th Eyeopeners cropped

Welcome to the New Year!

December 2017 Newsletter

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

poinsettia-557704_1920croppedThis is a wonderful time to remember our loved ones and the members of our community who bring joy, poignancy, and remembrance to our lives. May the giving of gifts become a chance to embrace our gratitude for all who impact our lives.

PA-December-2017Sm This month many folks will be moving into their new homes for Christmas. This is quite a gift they give to themselves and to the community, as they begin to participate in the events of the season. As it IS the season for giving, you might be interested in exploring some gifts for your home. Stop by here to view ideas for adding something new to your home.

In addition, the time is approaching for reviewing the previous year and setting a vision for the new year. What are you envisioning? Are you thinking about moving into a larger home, or do you see yourself downsizing or retiring? Have your family dynamics changed via a birth, marriage, divorce, or passing of a loved one and you now find a need to change your living arrangement? Contact me via phone or text – I can help.

Thank You!

This month I am focusing on adjusting my vision for outreach to my clients for the coming year. You are the ones, the angels, who support me, who offer kind words, and show me how I can assist you. I am grateful for all the contacts I have made this past year who have helped me in my business. Blessings of the Season to you all!



Zoolights PeacockcroppedThe month of December is full of activity like no other month of the year. Aside from all the family traditions of many cultures, Tucson offers a rich tapestry of holiday events for everyone. Try out Zoolights, or Luminarias at Tucson Botanical Garden,  or Holiday Nights at Tohono Chul Park

Of course, there will always be many church services and celebrations throughout the month, as well as singing, concerts, visits to Santa, and the bell-ringers for the Salvation Army. So go out and enjoy yourself!

Open House 12-17I hope that while you are out and about you would visit the open house I will be hosting on Sunday, December 17, from 1 – 4 p.m. If you are in the neighborhood, just stop by to say “Hi”.

As a favor, and another way to support me, I would love it if you would stop by my Facebook Page and “Like” it. I need 100 likes to make it fully activated and viable.


May Your Season Be Merry and Bright!


Newsletter for November 2017

It’s hard to believe that we are entering the Holiday Season! It was a good Spring and Summer; I’ve had successes in helping folks reach their goals of buying and selling their properties. Creating this newsletter is one of my favorite activities, and I hope you enjoy it.

Make Yourself at Home in Tucson


What Direction are You Going In?

Sign PostIn the Real Estate world this is a time when the market tends to slow down in preparation for all the holiday festivities. For myself, I am coming to the end of a fine sales cycle and preparing for the uplift in the New Year. I am thinking of the direction wan my business to take, and making adjustments to reach my goals.

Have you been thinking about making a change in your location, or has your family dynamic changed?Do you need more room in your house or do you need to downsize? As a real estate consultant, I can offer my expertise to guide you along the way. Call me today to talk it over!

Tucson Trends

Do you want to know the statistics for the housing market in Tucson? Go to my website to see the most recent report. And while you’re there you can get a feel for what your property is worth in today’s market. Then call me for a consult!

  • Tucson leads in low-priced housing according to this article at
  • There is major concern over the availability of water for long-term growth in Tucson and other areas of Arizona.

Container homes

Things to do in Tucson in November

Day of the Dead Finale Ceremony – November 5, 2017, 4-10 p.m. The final celebration of All Soul’s Remembrance will gather at Grande and Speedway at 4 p.m. and the procession will begin at 6 p.m.

Election Day November 7, 2017Go VOTE!

Tucson Veteran’s Day Parade – November 11, 2017, 11 a.m. See details here.

Tour de Tucson, Bicycle event – November 18, 2017.  See details here.

Thanksgiving Day – November 23, 2017 – All day and possibly all weekend! Celebrate with gratitude!


While you are checking out activities in Tucson during the month, you might want to play with finding homes nearby that are for sale or where there are open houses.With Your Long Realty App, you can find homes for sale, calculate your estimated mortgage, find commute times to work and school, and find open houses. Download it here.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve the Tucson community. Please contact me about any concerns you might have regarding your housing needs.

Thank You!

Newsletter September 2017



Make Yourself at Home in Tucson

Hi, All! Please enjoy this edition of my newsletter. As always, I appreciate your support and feedback. Feel free to pass this along to someone you know who might be thinking about buying or selling a home. I am here to support you through any real estate transaction and answer your real estate questions. Call me!

If you were touched by the hurricanes of the past couple of weeks, I hope there was minimal upset. The fallout from the destruction will continue for some time and affect all of us in a multitude of ways, especially financially. For me the storms remind me to Keep it Simple, in terms of dreams for “more” and “better”. As the newscasters said repeatedly, “things are gone and can be replaced, but we have our lives.” It is certainly a time to think about what really matters, what we value, and how we approach life.

It’s been about four years since I planted a small fig tree in my backyard. Yesterday I had the pleasure of plucking many figs from its branches. If you like figs, they grow well here in southern Arizona, and they are easy to maintain. In the event you have, or will have a vacant yard with that new house you buy, consider planting a fig tree!

Speaking of new houses…

The September Housing Report is now available on my website. You can find out what is happening in your area of Tucson by clicking the geographic area. If you are interested in finding out how much your home might be worth in this current market, please contact me via phone or text or through my web site. If you’d like a peek at what is currently on the market, you can download the Long Realty App from my web site.

Trending in Tucson

  • Quiet restaurants – I don’t know if it is a trend, but I’d like for it to be one. Have you ever yearned to sit with your significant other or friend over a quiet meal and have a conversation where you don’t have to shout over the noise? Here is a link to a list of restaurants that are recommended for quiet meals, along with some tips for more enjoyment of those times.
  • New Home Construction – Construction of new homes continues in the Old Pueblo. If you are interested in buying a new home built “from scratch”, you can view what’s available here. And don’t forget to ask me to come along for your first visit to see some!
  • Still a Need for Affordable Homes – As home prices increase, affordable housing becomes more difficult to find. There are some programs available to low-to-middle income buyers you might want to be aware of. While the Mayor’s Home Expo event just passed, here is some information with links to programs available to buyers within the eligibility requirements.


Long Realty Cares FoundationThe Long Realty Cares Foundation was established in 2002 to “give back” to the community. It has donated over $2.5 million to 180 different non-profit organizations in the communities where we live and work. Many sales associates voluntarily donate a portion of their commission from each real estate transaction. In addition to my personal contribution, when you complete a real estate transaction with me I will also contribute to Long Realty Cares Foundation in your name. See the currently scheduled Raffle Event here. Anyone can contribute!

Photo – Canyon de Chelly, October 2012

Newsletter – August 2017


Make Yourself at Home in Tucson – August 2017

Here we are in the midst of the Sonoran Desert monsoons. My fig tree is so grateful for the moisture it’s received. Honestly, it was suffering from lack of attention, so no figs this season. How is your yard bearing up? It’s a time when we need to be aware of how the water affects our yards. Is your yard graded correctly so that the water flows away from your foundation? Do you have standing water that attracts mosquitos? Now that the heat has broken our early mornings are a great time to tend to our yards.

This month I am highlighting my listing in Marana. The price has been reduced on this great manufactured 3 bedroom, 2 bath home – now offered at $129,000. Call me to see it up close and personal! You can also see more detailed information on my website.

17101 W Placita Sipriano - Front.jpg

17101 W Placita Sipriano, Marana-MLS# 21713476

Trending in Tucson

  • For the main Tucson market, inventory continues to be low, inviting multiple offers on listings. Prices are up by 5% over this time last year. For more detailed information and statistics for other areas in Tucson, refer to the Housing Report on my website.
  • Hotel expansions in downtown Tucson are expected to bring more business and possible relocations. A recent KOLD News broadcast summarizes the impact of hotel openings coming soon.

  • Having lived in urban Denver I’ve thought about living in downtown Tucson. However, if you want to live in downtown Tucson you might find that prices have risen dramatically. Read about it here.

Coming Up

  • Home Buyers Open House at Pima County Community Land Trust (PCCLT) – Potential home buyers who may be short on resources or need a boost to their credit can get information on how to buy a home through the PCCLT program. As a Realtor, I can guide you through the process.

PCCLT Flyer - Color sm.jpg

Something Personal – This month is Family History Month. I’ve been working on my genealogy for years. I like to tell the story about the house I grew up in. My father and his friend who was building his house next door, hand-dug the footings for our house and laid the cinder block, The concrete slab for the bedrooms was poured after the shell was up, with the concrete chute poking through the window into the room. My father put up all the pine paneling, laid brick tile on the floors, and set the stones in place for the fireplace. We moved in before the house was completed, with my parents sleeping on one side of the fireplace and my sister and me sleeping on the other side. We had a rented carry-out bucket in the bathroom that my father emptied into a hole down the backyard hill until we had the septic tank installed. The seat of that bucket had a rusty split in it that would pinch if you didn’t sit down on it correctly! Here is a photo of the house under construction (with my Mom and Ginger the dog).

New Johnson House_Mackall Ave cropped.jpg

Best Wishes!



Make Yourself at Home in Tucson – May 2017

Here we are in May already, with celebrations galore! May 1 is “May Day” an ancient celebration to honor the goddess of flowers, Flora. Did you ever dance around the Maypole? In a few days is Cinco de Mayo, a favorite celebration of those with Mexican heritage, and close behind is the Kentucky Derby. Do you dress up and watch this race each year with a mint julep? Then there is Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. How will you celebrate this month?


What I love is this time when all the trees and plants begin to leaf out and bloom. Here is a photo of the desert willow in my backyard. I planted it five years ago when it was just a “whip” about four feet high and a finger’s size in diameter. I enjoy watching the hummingbirds visit the lavender flowers all summer.

In case you would like to enhance your yard and provide some shade and a cooler place to sit outside, you can get your own trees from Tucson Clean and Beautiful. They offer a variety of indigenous trees that know how to grow in the desert, and at a reasonable cost. Many HomeOwner Associations require plants and trees that are indigenous to the area. These trees are the perfect choice. Check them out!

Word of the Month:  Listing – In the Real Estate world this word means that a property (building or land) has been placed on the real estate market for sale. This month I have two listings, one in Avra Valley with four bedrooms and three baths on one acre, and one in the Tres Pueblos neighborhood of Tucson, a townhouse with two bedrooms and two baths. If you or someone you know is looking for a home in either of these areas, please contact me.

News About Tucson and the Region:

  • If you live in the Rita Ranch or Vail areas, or if you would like to live here, visit this new park that is opening on May 3. This park provides a wonderful amenity to the residents of these communities.

Pima County Park

This Pima County park located on the southeast side of Tucson and named for a historic Southern Pacific Railroad stop opens on Wednesday, May 3. The 274-acre Esmond Station Regional Park will serve Vail and Rita Ranch area residents, offering a walking trail, five separate fitness stations with exercise equipment, and a ramada. For more information, visit the link.

  • A Reminder to Tucson residents and visitors:  Beginning May 1, 2017 it is against the law to use a hand-held device while driving. The Mayor and Tucson City Council voted in March to approve the ban. Violation of the new ordinance will be considered a secondary offense, meaning you must be pulled over for another reason before police can cite you. Texting while driving already is banned in the city, but the new rules expand that ban to phone calls and the use of other hand-held mobile communication and electronic devices. See this link for more information.
  • Historic Preservation Awards – Individuals and organizations that have contributed significantly to historic preservation in Tucson and Pima County will be recognized at the annual Historic Preservation Awards Ceremony hosted by the Tucson-Pima County Historical Commission (T-PCHC). The ceremony will be held Saturday, May 13, from 9:30 a.m.-noon at the Scottish Rite Cathedral, 160 S. Scott Ave. The Commission’s purpose is to foster awareness and preservation of historic sites, structures, districts, and character in our community. The Mayor and Tucson City Council, City of South Tucson, and Pima County Board of Supervisors appoint its members.

I am here to walk you or anyone you may know through the real estate process, even if you just need a few questions answered. Please contact me or visit my website. Remember, I’m never too busy for your referrals and I’d love to hear from you.


You can locate homes for sale, open houses, find commute times, and more from my Long Realty App. Visit from your mobile device. Updated every 15 minutes.

Make Yourself Home in Tucson – March/April 2017


Today is the Spring Equinox. What more fitting way to celebrate than to enjoy this Amaryllis that finished blooming today? The bulb was a Christmas gift, and I’m drinking in the color!!!

This month I’m focusing on Trends in Southside Tucson. This area of Tucson is showing much economic growth. To see homes in the area get My Free Mobile App. I also invite you to visit my Real Estate Blog, where I post articles about aspects of Real Estate, including architecture, design, urban and rural planning issues, historic preservation, landscaping, gardening, and more.

  • With the expansion of Tucson Marketplace, residents can enjoy the new Century movie theater, restaurants, Starbuck’s, Planet Fitness, Dave and Buster’s, as well as Walmart and Costco. Located between S. Park and S. Kino (Campbell) it is convenient from two areas in Southside.
  • According to the February Ward 5 Newsletter, Southside has a total of 7,000 jobs that have been created within the last few years. Tucson Marketplace alone has created approximately 1,100 jobs.

  • The Mexican bakery Suspiros added its flavors to Tucson with its grand opening on February 17. Located at 5327 S. 12th Ave it offers gourmet cakes and pies, with wedding and quinceañeras catering coming soon. Check out their website.
  • Nearby, in Southwest, in the Midvale area, a new Fry’s opened in December 2016. It’s a huge store with everything a customer could want!

  • Remodeling of Tucson International Airport began last year and is expected to be completed by the end of 2017. For construction updates visit And you can find a report of the Tucson Airport Authority’s achievements in the past year here. The influx of passengers to this area will increase the need for more services in Southside.
  • For more information about Southside Tucson, see VisitTucson.

Real Estate, Southside Tucson: Each month Long Realty provides a housing report for each section of the city of Tucson, as well as other communities. You can find information about housing trends in your area by going to my website and requesting the Housing Report.

To see homes in the area get My Free Mobile App. I also invite you to visit my Real Estate Blog, where I post articles about aspects of Real Estate, including architecture, design, urban and rural planning issues, historic preservation, landscaping, gardening, and more.

For Southside Tucson, distressed properties dropped from 20% to 13% of all properties, which means that more people are no longer “upside-down” or “underwater” with their loans. Properties for sale are in a “seller’s market” as buyers are many and properties for sale are fewer. The inventory of homes available dropped by 4% from this time in 2016. The market is HOT and sellers are getting 100% or more of their asking price.

Loan rates for real estate in Tucson are ascending, slowly but surely. They vary according to loan type, such as VA, FHA, or Conventional. But 4.3% to 5% are good rates in my book. My first house was bought at 7% a long time ago!

Upcoming Events:

  • Happening Now – March 19-24: Escapees Rally at Pima County Fairgrounds -The Escapade RV Rally is a fun, five-day event focused on the RV way of life. The schedule includes an extensive line-up of educational seminars, workshops, panels and discussions on topics relevant to the RV lifestyle.
  • SAHBA Annual Spring Home & Patio Show April 7,2017 – For over 45 years, the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association (SAHBA) has been producing one of the largest home shows in the United States. Featuring more than 300 exhibitors, see what’s new in home improvement trends, remodeling ideas, and gardens.


  • Easter Sunday – April 16: Check online for local celebrations and events.