When It May be Time to Move

There are over 76 million baby boomers today. They are getting ready to retire, and will be making decisions about their housing needs. Some will, like my friend, decide to stay in place and remodel their home, planning to age in place. Some will sell their homes, down-sizing and maybe hitting the road on an RVing adventure. Still others will down-size and perhaps move to another part of the country to be closer to family or enjoy the amenities of a new location. Some will decide to live in active adult communities, or even, as they age, settle into assisted living arrangements

Whatever the circumstances, the needs, or the location, as a Realtor® I can help. My company has connections throughout the United States, and the world. Through our excellent relocation center we can assist anyone desiring to move to Tucson, or help find a home elsewhere if moving out of the Tucson area.

This song is a reminder that as our houses get older they require upkeep, just as we get older we also require upkeep. Sometimes it’s a matter of updating our homes, and letting them go to new owners, so we can move on to a different phase of life. I am here to assist in that process.



The Home Page

Looking for a home? Remember that Boll Weevil Song?

Come visit my home web site where you can sign up for notifications about properties you are interested in, and also get my free Long Realty app for your phone.  Try it! And browse through the possibilities!


It’s interesting that web sites have pages called Home pages. Home is where we start, where we have new beginnings. Home base, as in baseball, is where we start the action to make a run. This page is my home base for my blog, but here is my home base for those who want to find properties and information about the housing market in Tucson.

Home is also where we go when we want comfort and security. What images do you have when you think of Home?

This page is where I expect to share my thoughts and information about Real Estate. It’s my Home, the place I come to for being vulnerable, honest, and transparent to the public about real estate transactions, history, and newsworthy items of interest.

Home…it is what we make of the structure in which we live.

This web site is under construction. Not all links and pages have been designed yet! Like a new house under construction, it has the bare bones. The rest is to come.